Sunday, February 17, 2013


The Husbeast and I spent this weekend at ConDFW.  ConDFW is a writers' convention here in Dallas that is mostly focused on Fantasy and Science Fiction writers, but in recent years has begun to draw other kinds of writers in as well. 

I love this convention.  For all of the other conventions that I volunteer at, visit, and have been on panels for, ConDFW has a very special place in my heart.  One reason is that it is at ConDFW that our good friend Rhonda Eudaly Simpson introduced us to Selina Rosen of Yard Dog Press, and Selina eventually became the publisher who published my first paid work, and my Husbeast's first piece of paid work.  So there are warm, fond memories of this Con.

The second reason that I love this one is that it is well and truly a writer's convention.  Some conventions have a writer's track amongst the many other tracks, but this one centers itself about writing and selling fictional works of either short story or novel length.  The panelists are writers and publishers, the attendees are writers, publishers, aspiring writers and aspiring publishers.  All of the panels have important information for someone, though every panel isn't for everyone.  It is hands-down the most INFORMATIVE convention that we go to every year.

Lastly, I love this convention because it re-kindles my creative juices.  It helps fire up my urge to put words together to form stories, and to send those stories out into the world to be enjoyed by others.  I know that there are those who say, "If you're a REAL writer, you just can't NOT write."  Um...yeah.  Those are the same people who are either so wildly successful already that they've forgotten what it is like to have to fit writing in with the whole "paying the bills" thing, or they are the people who write without any intent to ever submit.  Quite frankly, while I love writing and I love sharing my writing, some days it really just is hard to fit that block of time into the day between everything else. 

There is housework to be done, dishes to be washed, grocery shopping to do, dinner to be made.  I have to work on my jam business, I have to work on continuing to apply for day jobs since I got laid off.  I have projects that I'm working on that aren't writing but still need attention (a fan film movie shoot, crafting, The Great Reorganization, and so on).  And sadly, I have more hobbies than time as well, including photography, singing, hand-sewing / beading, faire, learning to crochet, knitting, learning to quilt, embroidery / cross-stitch, reading, and so on).  Oh yeah, and then there are folks like friends and The Husbeast who oddly enough want to spend time with me now and then.

So I love to write, I find time to write when I can, and I hope to get more sales over time.  But it is easy to lose steam once in a while.  ConDFW builds that steam back up for me.  I come out of the convention with ideas for new stories, techniques that will make my existing stories better, and contacts / resources that will allow me to expand my skills and my contacts (equally important things in the writing world!).

Sadly, however, it appeared that attendance was down at the Con again this year.  I hope that it doesn't cause enough issues that they decide they can't continue, because this convention truly is my touchstone, my way back to excitement and enthusiasm when the world has been wearing me down.  If it does end, then I will find other ways to fan the flames of my writing passion when I need to, but I will always miss ConDFW if it isn't around.  So cross your fingers for me in the hopes that they manage to swing another year, and that they manage to increase next year's numbers and continue on for many years to come.

And next year, if there is a ConDFW and if you love to write, I promise you that you will be greatly served by attending, even if you have to move Heaven and Earth to get there!

Thank you, ConDFW!  It was a wonderful weekend, as always!!!

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  1. This was my first year having a table at ConDFW (A Galaxy Called Dallas with two guest authors sitting)and I have to admit that attendance was slow. I'm not a writer but I appreciate a well-crafted story and would hate to see this event go by the way-side. But that's why we go and then come home and blog about it. Plus, we can always try to bring someone new with us next time. Both of my authors have never been to anything like this before and have told all of their friends about it. Maybe we could all decide to bring a newbie to the next one!


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