Tuesday, April 28, 2015


This is me over here being hopeful while trying not to get my hopes up too much all while attempting to push down sheer panic and terror.  "But why?" you ask?  Because I just submitted the paperwork and fee to be a vendor at Fair Park Sparks.  It is a one afternoon/evening event at Fair Park with bands, food, fireworks, and all sorts of things.  It is the second year of the festival and, based on last year's numbers, they are projecting attendance at between 17,000 and 25,000 people.


That means that if only ONE percent of the people attending buy $10 worth of merchandise, that will be $1700 - $2500 dollars.  In one day.

I am currently thanking all the gods in the existence of time and space that I have, at present, the largest amount of stock I've ever had at one time in the history of Fat Lady Foods.  And I have two more kitchen days to make more.  Also, my Trusty Sidekick is going to be making as many caramels as she can turn out in the time between now and then.  Hopefully my Sherpa (aka The Husbeast) can get that afternoon off from work to help.

There is a regular Market Day the next day, so I am thinking that I may need to hold back a little stock just to be safe. I don't REALLY expect to sell out, but wouldn't that be something to experience???

Did I mention the terrified part?  Okay...just making sure.  Imma gonna go over here and try to breathe now.  Wish me luck!