Thursday, April 20, 2017

Down Into The Black

It is going to be a rough weekend.

I closed down my online shop today.  I've been procrastinating on it because, I guess, as long as it was still up I thought there was a chance, a small, tiny chance, that I could bring my business back.  But now that I have cancelled my business insurance, I really can't sell any more.  So I shut it down.

I'm also going to work on pulling everything out of the Fat Lady room this weekend, so that I can go through it all, organize it, and put it back in so that it can handle some long-term storage without being under our feet all of the time.

I still hope that I can re-start my business.  The Husbeast keeps saying it will be next year, no longer, but he's a lot more optimistic than I am right now.

Funny, I thought I was past the point of crying, but I guess I'm not.

Yeah, it's going to be a dark weekend.

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