Saturday, October 29, 2016

Letting Go

The Husbeast and I did more Purging Of All The Things today.  Of all the things to sort through and decide what to keep and what to release into the wild, books have to be the hardest for me.  But we're going through our book collection and determining what we absolutely HAVE to keep in hard copy because we just can't be without it in paper form, what is not yet available in e-form, and what we can replace with e-books.  It isn't a happy decision, but we just have too much STUFF in the house, and we need the shelf space.

Some of the books going into that large box to my right have been with me since I was a teenager. They are over 30 years old.  I grew up reading them, escaping into them when the world got too mean for the Fat Kid to handle.  They took me to other worlds and other times.  Those books were a balm to my soul and a spark to my imagination.  Without them, I think, I would have turned into just another average person plodding through life with no idea of the wonders that surround me or the potential that the world holds.

Seeing them go into that box is difficult.  I almost started crying at one point.  But there does come a time when we have to let go of things while keeping the lessons they've taught us and the memories they've given us.  It feels like part of my soul is going away, but it also feels good in a way.  In doing this, we're making room for more memories, more lessons about the world and life and the possibilities therein.

I think that's why occasionally going through and doing a purge of your possessions is a smart idea. We need room to breathe, and to grow. If we're trapped in a cage of our own making, then there's nowhere for us to spread our wings and explore new ideas or new experiences.
I love my books.  I love what I learned from them.  I love the comfort I received from them. Now, now I'm sending them out into the world to teach those lessons and give that comfort to others.  I hope that they find loving homes somewhere and bright eyes to read their words.

Thank you, dear books.  I would say that I will miss you, but you will always be with me.

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