Friday, September 26, 2014

My life is not a series of boxes

Recently I had a revelation.  I was looking over my blogs ("Confessions of a Fat Superhero" and "My Zig-Zag Journey") and realized that having my life compartmentalized was just not working out for me any more.

At one time it made sense for me to put all of my Health at Every Size and Size Acceptance posts in one place, and my general life posts in another.  They were different aspects of me, and I didn't really want people who read my HAES blog to necessarily have access to the rest of my world.  I had my life broken down into a series of boxes, each one separate and distinct from the others, with only a hint of commonality in the form of the walls between each compartment.

But things change over time, and people change along with everything else.  More and more often I found myself considering combining the two blogs into one.  You see, I've become more of a unified person in the last couple of years.  I'm spending more time doing things that matter to me, and less time worrying about being one of The Cool Kids.  As I've grown, I've also grown happier with myself.  This has led to being more confident with myself as well.

Now, here we are.  I've taken the big step and imported all of my Zig-Zag Journey posts into this blog.  I have deleted the other one, and where there were two, there is now only one.

So, hello, World...welcome to my life.  ALL of my life.  I hope that we can continue to grow together and maybe become a little stronger at the same time.

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  1. Confident and Happy wife is Confident and Happy!


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