Friday, November 1, 2013

Goals for the new year

Tonight is Samhain, which is known as Halloween to the majority of people.  It is a night for costumes, candy, and laughter, but what most don't know is that it is also a time for reflection, endings and beginnings.  Tonight is the night when the Wheel begins another turn, ending one year and beginning another.

I've done a lot of reflecting this year, and made a lot of realizations.  Those are not what I am writing about right now, though.  This blog entry is about the future, the coming year and what I look to achieve in that time span.  This blog entry is a list that I am making for myself, a list of ideas, things that I would like to achieve.  Will I achieve them all?  Probably not.  I'm not being self-defeatist by saying that, I just know that this is going to be a long list, and there probably will never be enough time or money to complete all of the entries in the space of one year, but this will give me a starting point and where I go from here is my own choice.

Things I would like to achieve in the coming year

  • Get at least 3 more short stories published
  • Get my first novel written and ready to start submissions
  • Continue my daily calisthenics and work up to 100 crunches, 100 wall pushups, and 50 squats
  • Read 100 books
  • Have my first Fat Lady Foods booth at a Farmers Market
  • Adopt at least one, and as many as three, children
  • Compete in my first 5k
  • Learn to crochet
  • Make my first quilt
  • Go back and visit Sterling Renaissance Festival
  • Take a vacation somewhere we've never been before
  • Redecorate the dining room (paint, new curtains, buffet, etc)
  • Get the mirror back up on the wall in the half bath
  • Complete the front landscaping
  • Get the gutters done on the house
  • Get caught up on photo processing
  • Start really taking photos again
  • Learn the basics of drawing
  • Re-learn calligraphy
  • Have a garden in which I actually manage to grow something other than weeds
  • Love
  • Be loved

There are probably more things, and as I think of them I may come back and add them.

Here's to goals, and to working toward achieving them!

What goals do you have?

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