Saturday, March 2, 2013

Contentment Times Three

Some people are cat people and some people are dog people, and then there are those of us who are both.  Now, currently I fall into the cat people category because we haven't got a dog.  At first we were reluctant to get one because we were away so much between Faire and Screams and work and everything else.  When I started having more time at home we decided that it would be best to wait because Jasmine, our 13 year old cat, has been tolerant of us bringing home other kitties, but we think that a puppy would push her past her limits.  So no doggies for now.  But there will be a dog or dogs in our future, as well as cats.  I'm a firm believer in cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!

Cats are amazing.  They really are.  There's just something about them that can make your day instantly better when they curl up next to you (or on you) and start purring.

I am currently in a state of Kitty Contentment Times Three.  I have one cat in my lap, one curled up in Shado's recliner near me, and one curled up in the office chair across the room.  They're all happily napping, occasionally stretching and mrrrring, and just sharing space with me.

Triple Kitty Contentment is a happy state of mind.  I woke up this morning with The Destructor curled up between my knees, Cobweb The Magnificent against my side, and Her Imperial Majesty Jasmine The Southern Belle curled up against Cobweb and my hip.  Do you know how hard it is to get up out of bed when you have three cats comfortably nestled against you?

I know that there are those of you wondering why I'm maundering on about cats without any sort of point.  It is hard to explain, really.  All that I can tell you is that my life is made easier by my four-footed little furballs.  Yes, they add chores in terms of things like scooping kitty litter, washing and filling food and water dishes, extra cleaning to get the stray fur off furniture and carpets.  And they add extra expenses for food, litter, vet visits and the like.  I know.  But they also add some undefined, unexplainable wonderfulness.  It is like their contentment is contagious, and when they're feeling it, they radiate it outwards into the world and make life just a little mellower.

Everyone needs something in their life that makes them pause and take a deep breath and just enjoy life now and then.  Right now for me that something is my cats.  I'm so very lucky that they have consented to live here and be spoiled rotten.  I honestly can't imagine my life without them.  I just know that having them around makes me ...yup...content. :)

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