Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolved: To have the best year yet

We all know the routine, right?  On New Year's Eve we go out with friends, have a party, make drunken resolutions at the top of our lungs that we know (and everyone around us knows) aren't going to be kept longer than a week or two at most.  Then we move on into the year and continue with our lives as usual.

So this year I decided to make one resolution, and to set goals and expectations for myself that will help me achieve that resolution.  My resolution?  To make this the best year I've had yet in my life.  This won't be easy to do, mind you, because I've had some pretty darned good years!  But this will be the best one yet, because I'm the only person who can do what needs to be done to make this come true.

I have goals and expectations for myself that will move this resolution forward. 

  • I'm going to move more.  I'm not happy with how I feel when I move right now, so this will have to change.  The only way to change it is by moving more.
  • I'm going to continue eating more whole foods and having fewer processed foods in the house.  The husbeast and I have made great strides in this already, but there is always room for improvement.
  • I am going to work on goals that have been put off in recent years.  This is going to be my year to wrap up loose ends.  We all have those chains dragging behind us in a very Marley-esque fashion, the things that we started and never finished or intended to do and never did.  Well, this is my year to address those things.  Some of them are private, and few people other than myself will ever know that I dealt with them.  Some are more public, and everyone will know when they happen.  But happen they will and they will happen this year.
I know that a lot of people choose "lose weight" as a resolution.  They have their reasons, and if they are comfortable with those reasons, well, then that is their choice.  It isn't my place to tell them that they are right or wrong.  What I will tell you is this:  choose goals that will make you happy.  Make your goals things that will result in you growing in some way, goals that will lead to a happier, more fulfilled self.

And when you are choosing those goals, don't listen to what the media or outside sources say you should do.  Take a few moments as the old year ends and the new one begins, sit quietly, and really LISTEN to the voice deep in your soul.  Not The Little Voice (TLV) that I've talked about before, not the voice that tells you everything that is wrong with you, but rather your Heart Voice.  Let it speak to you and tell you what will truly fill a place in your heart, mind, and soul, and then take the time to plan out how to achieve that goal.  Even if it seems unattainable, or impossible, let yourself believe in it.  We can achieve amazing things when we let ourselves believe.

If you believe, and strive, and work on your goal moment by moment then by this time next year I hope that you join me in saying, "2013 was the BEST year yet!  Now to make 2014 even BETTER!"

Happy New Year, everyone!  Now go and believe!!!!


  1. I love that you share your thoughts, and thoroughly enjoy reading and re-reading them. I treasure that so long ago, you told me I am a Dryad. Have a wonderful 2013!

  2. Good luck on your journey!!! I am looking forward to reading more of your work.


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