Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prayer - America's Last Hope

That was on several signs that I passed on the way to work today. I have to say that I disagree completely with that statement. I know what America's last hope is, and it's very simple:

Americans need to get off our collective arses and start working together to fix the problems that we see all around us!

Forget partisan politics (heck, forget the politicians altogether for a while), and the name-calling and blame game. Let those blow away in the wind and start treating each other as people and fellow Americans first, because that's what we ALL are. Instead of wasting time pointing fingers and casting blame for how we got to this position, why don't we join forces to start mending the things within our reach? When Americans are working together and of the same mind, we are the most powerful force on this planet. Unfortunately, the last time that happened was when The Greatest Generation came together and sacrificed so much for so many. I hate to think that it will take another full scale World War to get us all thinking as a nation once more.

I can hear you now. You're asking, "So, what is it that WE can do? The politicians and big corporations have all of the money and the power." Well, here are some suggestions:

  1. Volunteer. I understand that we're all working harder than ever and still losing ground, but you know what? No matter how bad your situation may seem, there will ALWAYS be someone who is worse off than you. One of the best ways to feel good about yourself, and your country, is to contribute time and the sweat of your brow toward helping others. Give time to your local food pantry, help out at the local homeless shelter, find out where Habitat for Humanity is working and help them build someone a home. Don't just throw money at the problem (though donations to reputable charities are good too!), but honestly give something of yourself. Take something that you love to do and find a charity that can use those skills. There is one somewhere out there, there always is.
  2. Clean up. Pick a section of highway and go out there with a garbage bag and some gloves, gather up the trash, and take it to the dump. Our country is our home, and if you can't be proud of how it looks, then it diminishes your pride in the sum-total of the country. Think before you flick that cigarette butt out the window (your car DOES have an ashtray for a reason, you know), consider what you're saying about where you live when you throw that fast food bag along the side of the road. Organize a group of people to adopt a section of highway and maintain it.
  3. Meet your neighbors. When I was growing up, we lived out in the country. We knew EVERYONE on the road for miles in each direction. I think that's part of why we felt safe as kids, because we were never that far from someone we knew and trusted, even when we were a mile or two from home. When my husband and I lived in an apartment, we knew our neighbors and chatted with them as we all went in and out. When we first moved into our house, it took a long time to meet some of our neighbors. We took baskets of home-baked goods and home-made chocolates around to them at the holidays, and were met by pleasantly shocked expressions. No one in the neighborhood had done that before. That blew my mind. My family ALWAYS exchanged gift baskets with the people around us when I was growing up. I couldn't imagine NOT doing it. That's the kind of relationship we need to build again in our country. We've become strangers, encapsulated in our own homes, never communicating face to face with anyone any more.
  4. Adopt a pet from a shelter. More and more pets are being abandoned because their families can't afford them any more. The shelters are full, and having to euthanize or turn pets away. Give a pet a loving home and in return you will receive completely unconditional love. On the days when you doubt that you can continue to fight the good fight, sometimes all that it takes to give you hope is the nuzzling of a cold nose or the rough sound of a loud purr, or a good game of tug-o-war to make things all right once more.
We need to find our hope again. We've opened the box and let all of these terrifying things out, and they're growing larger and larger, threatening to overwhelm us. We need to open the box once more and look for Hope. She's tucked back in the deep corners of the box, waiting for us to find her and let her comfort us. Look at my suggestions above, think of other things that you can do, anything to help Hope grow and heal us all and the country that we love so much.
Find your hope. We've lost it somewhere. We're a cynical, angry people. We need to find our hope again, somewhere tucked away in the deep corners of the box in front of us. Hope is in there, trying to get out and comfort us. Look her in the eyes and take in what she offers, then share it with the rest of the country and the rest of the world.  If we each do that, then slowly things will turn around and our country will become a place of honest pride once more.

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