Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So I've started a blog here. I already have a LiveJournal account, but I figured that I'd try it over here too as a lot of people seem to like this site. So we'll see how this goes. I'm trying to decide what to use this particular blog for. It's tempting to use it as a political blog, commentary on the modern world and all that rot. I wonder, though, who would find that even remotely interesting, though. After all, I'm not a famous political pundit. I'm just an average person trying to survive in rather insane times.

Then again, maybe more of us average folke need to speak up about these so-called "interesting times" that we live in. More voices need to be heard when the government seems to be going from "by the people, for the people" to "by the profit, for the bottom line", and when the President of the United States is more concerned about whether his oil buddies are making the most profit possible than he is about whether the average person can afford to get to work every day because gas prices are so high.

I warn you now, I lean strongly toward the left, though I have moments when I suddenly arch back toward the conservative side. I do enjoy a good debate, though, as long as it remains a debate rather than an argument.

So...if you're not already bored, then I look forward to a fun ride together. Let's explore this world we're in, and see what we can see.

If you are bored, well then I doubt you've read this far anyway. :)

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